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Welcome to the Cairns Nude Massage Swaps. We hold regular massage exchange events where you can come along either by yourself, or with a friend and receive instruction on how to perform self-massage, how to massage someone else, and how to receive a massage from another person, or sometimes multiple people at once.


Our events are clothing-optional, so you would need to be comfortable being around other naked people, although, you could keep your briefs on if you preferred.


There will always be someone leading the massage event, instructing how to safely give and gain consent for touch-related activities, and demonstrating how to safely and effectively perform massage strokes and techniques on yourself and other people.

You can look forward to learning a wide range of massage and stretching techniques from these disciplines: 

  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Ka Huna Massage

  • Japanese Shiatsu bodywork

  • Chinese Tuina massage

  • Western Remedial Massage

  • Swedish Relaxation Massage

  • Taoist Body Electric male genital massage

  • Classical Indian Tantric Massage

  • Tantric Yoga partner practices

  • Hatha Yoga partner practices


You'll also learn some basic anatomy and physiology, so you have a deeper understanding of how and why massage helps.

Whilst these events are only open to people who have a penis, many of the techniques you’ll learn will be applicable to your  friends who have vaginas as well. And you can share those skills with those people after the events. More on gender policy.


A typical event flows as follows

  1. Arrivals, cash payments and introductions

  2. Housekeeping, including an overview of The Wheel of Consent

  3. Any relevant anatomy and physiology info specific to that event that needs to be shared

  4. Allocating partners (you can swap massage with the friend you bring if you prefer)

  5. Demo massage from the instructor

  6. Massage swap time for you to practice what you’ve learned on your partner

  7. Repeat Demo massage

  8. Swap roles and repeat massage sequence

  9. Shared or solo showers

  10. Social time with the group in the spa or swimming pool


How long are these events? 

Three hours. This allows enough time for everyone to greet, discuss group rules, be shown the massage sequence, give and receive a massage, shower before and after.

What is The Wheel of Consent you refer to? 

The Wheel of Consent is a simplified way of understanding the process of giving and receiving verbal consent before undertaking a massage swap. It avoids embarrassment and offence from unintentionally overstepping someone else’s personal boundaries or having them do that to you. It was first developed by Betty Martin. Everyone who attends must have viewed her simple video.

Watch | The Wheel of Consent

Wheel of Consent

How much does it cost to attend an event?

$40 for full-time employed

$35 for Government concession card holders/full-time students (please show your card to get the concession)

Why does it cost so much?

The attendance fee covers the cost of consumables such as: oils, laundry and cleaning products, talcum powder, shower gels, paper cups, tissues, water-based lubricants; and covers rent, utilities, marketing, webpage and graphic design, cleaner and instructor fees, insurance, and the purchase and maintenance cost of massage equipment.


How can I pay?

Pre-payment is preferred. The accepted methods are


• All credit card payments attract a 2.2% processing fee, except PayPal, which is 2.6%+30c and AfterPay, which is 6%+30c.

• Avoid fees by paying via Direct Debit: BSB 923100 | Account # 65024313 | Name Wholistic Solutions

• Many internet banking systems accept my phone number as the PayID. I can send it to you, if you wish to use this method.


What if I have to cancel? Will I get a refund?

• If you cancel or reschedule with less than 72 hours’ notice, it makes it difficult for someone else to take your place, so, you would be charged 50% of the attendance fee and refunded the remainder.

• If you enrol in but miss an event, full payment will be required.


Where are the events held?

At a private residence in White Rock. The address will be sent to you after you send the completed registration form.


Is it easy to park near the venue?

Yes, there’s space in the cul-de-sac near the venue. 


What should I bring with me? 

• A large bath towel for your massage and showers. 

• Your bathers and sunblock if you want to swim or laze by the pool afterwards.

• Please bring some healthy snacks to share after the massage.

• Please don’t bring water bottles, as they clutter the small space we gather in; and many folk leave them behind. Filtered water       and paper cups are available at the venue. Write your name on the cup to re-use it.

Can I bring drugs/alcohol?

No. These are sober events. Please do not bring Viagra either. If you want to use it, take it before you arrive. We dont allow people to sell or share viagra or any other drugs or alcohol on the premises. If youre found selling drugs or arrive drunk, stoned or high, youll be asked to leave.


What sort of info will you require from me before attending?

You’ll only be asked to share your basic contact information and some health information that’s relevant to massage in the registration form. Only your health information will be shared with your massage partner/s at the event you attend, not your contact info. In this way, only the people who need to know about your health issues will be informed, before they touch you and vice versa. This keeps the events as safe and effective as possible for all concerned and protects your privacy.


What about my privacy?

Your contact details won’t be shared with others attending, unless you choose to do that. 

I have no experience massaging another person. Can I still attend?

Yes, you can! These events are for absolute beginners as much as they are for men with massage experience or training.


What if I don’t want to massage any of the guys there?

If you have specific tastes in men it would be better for you to bring a friend with you that you feel comfortable swapping massage with. We strive to create safe spaces free of negative bias towards body type, race, age or any other factors that tend to divide people. We want these events to be as inclusive as possible so that everyone attending can receive loving and accepting touch, and genuine positive regard.

Where are the events held?

At a private residence in White Rock. The address will be sent to you after you send the completed registration form.


Is it easy to park near the venue?

Yes, there’s space in the cul-de-sac near the venue. 

Can I have a happy ending with my massage, i.e. cum/ejacualate? 

We prefer you not to ejaculate and to keep your body fluids inside you. On rare occasions ejaculation might occur at massage swap events. No one will be shamed for ejaculating. If it happens, we will clean up any semen and continue on with the event.

However, please refrain from ejaculating, as doing so presents an issue with possible cross contamination with pathogens that are transmitted via bodily fluids.

Learn to know your body’s responses to sensual stimulation and let your partner know to stop what he’s doing, before you cum. Just because you might be feeling turned on, doesn’t mean you inevitably have to have an orgasm or ejaculate.

Why not ask your massage swap partner over to your place with you after the event instead? Taking your sexy energy/mood home with you can be a fun thing to do. You can share that with your intimate partner/s or have some sexy fun by yourself when you get there.


Repeat ejaculators will not be invited back to Nude Massage Swap events.


Will this turn into an orgy? 

No. It won’t. Keep in mind, a room of nude males massaging each other’s cocks and arses can get sexually charged. Those remaining for that part of the massage exchange will be supportive of male eroticism. But we don’t “have sex” with each other. One of our group rules is: No penetrative sex, i.e., no cocks in bums or mouths. No fingers or toys in bums. Everything we do is external to the body.


I have issues with erections. Will this be a problem? 

If you have trouble getting hard, we recommend you tell your swap partner before you start. That way they knows it’s not them, and won’t be concerned they’re doing something wrong if you don’t get hard. Both can then relax and accept whatever your penis does.


Can I touch my partner while he’s massaging me? 

You would have to negotiate this with your partner before you start.

What’s the difference between “sensual” and “sexual” massage?

SENSUAL MASSAGE is intended to relax and sometimes arouse the participant. Sensual massage can include body areas that are commonly accepted as private zones: nipples, penis, scrotum, pubic area, buttocks, gluteal fold (crack), anus, perineum (area between your balls and your hole) etc. And can also include styles of touch that are known to be sexually arousing such as light touch, warm or cool breath on skin, tracing of finger tips over skin, gentle squeezing of body parts, slow gliding movements over the body, broad areas of contact ie: chest on chest, belly on belly, belly/chest on back. 

Sometimes sensual touch can lead to the receiver and or giver getting a hard/erect penis. There’s a lot of enjoyment to be had from feeling relaxed and aroused: feelings of acceptance, comradeship, feeling desirable, feeling attractive to others, feeling sexy, enjoying your natural physical response to sensual touch. If both giver and receiver are in agreement, a sensual massage can include genital touch. Either or both the receiver or giver can opt out of genital touch at any point in the massage swap, or opt in, if they’ve changed their mind. Mutual consent is paramount. No means no, so please respect your swap partner’s wishes. Any coercion will not be tolerated and the offender will get only one warning before being asked to leave the event. 


SEXUAL MASSAGE is quite different. Its intention is to seduce the receiver into having sex with the giver: penile insertion into mouth, anus, leading to fucking with or without ejaculation. We don’t partake in sexual massage or sexual touch at the massage swap events. What you do with your massage swap partners in the privacy of your homes is your business. What you do in the privacy of the event venue is our business.

Do you provide one-on-one massage outside of massage swap events?

Yes. Click these links to find out more about other therapy services.

Natural Therapies

Sensual Touch

Tantric Touch for Individuals


This group is intended for folk who have a penis and scrotum. Reasons being: the instructor has completed formal training in how to touch and massage people who have those genitals. He prefers not to have cis-gendered females or people with vaginas in the group, as this is not his area of expertise.


This is in no way a negative comment about vaginas, or the folk who have them. Simply a statement of fact.


However, it’s our intention to be as inclusive as possible, so the group welcomes all folk with a penis and scrotum, irrespective of their gender. We’re open to having cis-males; non-binary folk; M to F trans folk in transition, who've not yet had “bottom surgery” and still have a penis and scrotum; F to M trans folk who've completed “bottom surgery” and now have a penis and scrotum.


These events aren’t specifically about massaging genitals, but instruction will be offered on how to massage genitals for those interested in learning how to and experiencing it. For the most part, we will be massaging other areas of the body. You can also opt out of massaging intimate areas if you prefer. Please let us know when you register.

We’re excited to be offering these opportunities to you and look forward to receiving your registration form and meeting you in person at the next event you can attend!


Please complete and send the questionnaire to me at least 24 hours before your event. This saves time spent gathering information during your selected event.

PLEASE NOTE I am triple-vaccinated and have regular sexual health checks

policy on gender
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