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Sensual Touch is a new modality devised by me in response to the growing number of requests for intimate touch and full body sensuality. It’s a style of bodywork I’ve developed by combining elements of Hawaiian Kahuna and Lomi Lomi massage, Taoist “Body Electric” male genital and anal massage, and Tantric Massage (from the sub-continent). 


Each session is unique. Depending of the level of session you choose,  you might experience

  • A tea ceremony with a blend of aphrodisiac herbs to initiate the desired mood

  • An undressing ritual to help shed layers of stress and responsibilities to the outside world

  • Gourmet hugs (full frontal body contact)

  • Shared showering with a body scrub to clean and exfoliate your skin

  • Hydro therapy spa: soaking in a warm 37ºC epsom salts spa with an added aphrodisiac essential oil blend

  • Hydrotherapy massage and stretching in the spa

  • A relaxing, coloured light show projected on the treatment room ceiling

  • A therapeutic sound bath on the massage table – immersing yourself in the soothing tones of percussion, wind and stringed instruments

  • Vibro-therapy via a relaxing electronic twin-head vibration massager, a percussion gun for deep knots, or some electronic “sex toys” used for genital stimulation

  • Dry skin brushing to remove dead skin cells and light tracing of animal hair brushes across erogenous zones to stimulate peripheral nerves and heighten awareness 

  • A partial or full-body nude massage, which may or may not culminate in orgasm (depending on the situation and the mood you’re in). I stimulate all your senses and use my forearms, hands and chest, to take you on a sensual journey through your body. All areas you consent to will be included in the session. If you like, you’re welcome to touch me in consensual ways as agreed to at the start. On completion of the massage sequence, we’d generally embrace either on or off the table, which allows our energies to “harmonise”.

  • An optional second nude shower/body scrub. To remove excess oil from our bodies. NB: some people prefer to retain their aromatherapy oil blend, to give it more time to absorb through their skin. I encourage this, as it takes up to 6 hours for the essential oils to be fully absorbed and provide full therapeutic benefit.

  • A debrief after the session allowing you to ask any pertinent questions, set up future appointments and the optional “check-in” service, ie: a few days after your session I would contact you electronically to see how you’re progressing and integrating the experience we shared; either via text, phone call, instant message or email, as preferred by you.


Nudity is optional. You can choose to undress to your level of comfort, from keeping your underwear on to removing some, or

all of it. I’m generally fine with being nude myself, or undressing to whatever level you desire.


Given the intimate nature of Sensual Touch sessions, consent is paramount.

Your sessions start with a discussion of boundaries and goals to ascertain, what’s considered appropriate for each of us, your needs and desires and, how to respectfully exchange intimacy between us.

You’ll be given an opportunity to outline any ‘no-go’ areas, and request special things you’d like to experience, for example, some people prefer heavy or light touch. Some don’t like their feet being included, while others request a focus on the feet! (I have Reflexology training.)


Mutual consent is sought at every stage of the process, so each is comfortable with what’s happening. At any point, boundaries can be renegotiated as per your needs, so you can relax into the process, feeling confident nothing untoward will occur.


I’ll be clear in the ways I’m comfortable for you to touch me too.


A note to cis-gendered female clients (those born as female who identify as female) who may have clicked on this link. I’m sorry, but this style of therapy is not for you. Nothing personal, I love women and have many female friends, but all my training in erotic therapies has been for the male body, not the female body. Aside from your genitalia being completely different, your responses and needs are also different. Female clients who ask for Sensual Touch will be referred to other erotic therapists who have both training in those areas and experience working with cis-gendered females.

Having said this, I’m very happy to provide cis-gendered females and other folk who have female genitalia, non-erotic Hawaiian style massage with or without the spa option. Hawaiian massage is the most sensual of the non-erotic modalities I offer. It's a deeply relaxing experience with lots of body contact, and you still get to experience the ‘Gregory touch’. MORE INFO

Tantric touch is another option you may like to discuss with me, as I do have experience and training working with cis-gendered females with that modality. MORE INFO 

I also have limited experience working with M to F pre-op transgender folk. I’d like to expand my abilities with more of the rainbow genders, so if you have ‘different colours’ to the ones I’ve been discussing, please enquire and let’s see what’s possible.


Some of us hold emotions and memories, “locked in our tissues”, connected to the erotic life we’ve lived, or yearned for, but denied ourselves. The touch of a consciously connected person, with positive intent and concern for your wellbeing, can be the key to unlocking those memories and emotions, and act as a catalyst for re-experiencing and coming to terms with

whatever’s not been fully addressed in your past.

For example, Sensual Therapy might be a way forward for a person who’s denied themselves sensual pleasure for a long time. It could be a way for a survivor of sexual abuse to work through some of the issues they’re facing; an opportunity for someone who’s always wondered what it might be like to experience the touch of a male therapist; or a way for someone to explore their

sensual desires in a safe, non-judgemental space.

In this way, Sensual Therapy can offer a doorway into your personal growth and healing, if that’s what’s needed at the time.

Of course, it can simply be a fun and enjoyable way to experience one’s sensuality. Which is very valid.


I offer four levels of treatment with Sensual Therapy.


A 45-minute session, including self-shower before treatment. A nude bodywork treatment for half your body. Upper/ lower body, or you decide which areas are included and excluded. Optional second self-shower after the treatment.


A 60-minute session, including self-shower before and after treatment. A nude bodywork treatment for three-quarters or your body. You get to decide which areas are included and excluded.



A 90-minute session, including a shared nude shower experience with me, where I give you a full body scrub before your treatment using exfoliation gloves. A full body nude table treatment including any areas you like. A second shared nude shower experience with me with a full body scrub and optional embraces to finish. You have the option of keeping or recycling your exfoliation gloves.


A 120-minute treatment, including a shared nude shower experience with me, where I give you a full body scrub before your treatment using exfoliation gloves. A 30-minute epsom salts spa therapy session focussing on any areas you like. A full-body nude table treatment, including any areas you like. A second shared nude shower experience with body scrub with optional embraces. You have the option of keeping or recycling your exfoliation gloves.

​For the 120-minute Deluxe Plus Sensual, enjoy a 30-minute epsom salts spa


As I’m not an escort, we won’t be having sex. I offer sensual touch sessions that can sometimes incorporate an erotic element (eroticism is very subjective). There’s a big difference between an erotic therapy session and a session with a male escort (sex worker). If your intention or desire is to have a sex with another man, you’d need to find a male escort.


Whilst Sensual Therapy isn’t a sexual experience, it’s often a sexy experience where you can enjoy your natural responses in a completely accepting and safe space, without judgement or shame.


Modern Males: Sensuality and Eroticism
We live in a world that continually puts pressure on males and the ‘acceptable’ ways we can enjoy our sensuality and eroticism, with a lot of emphasis on the genitals and their ‘performance’. No wonder there’s so many penis enlargement devices online! And a plethora of supplements and medications we can take to make us harder, bigger, more sensitive, less sensitive, last longer . . . and this is not a new thing. The Chinese have been grinding up rhino horn and tiger penises to take as a ‘natural supplement’ for millennia. 

I’ve learned from my many years as a nude yoga instructor, that cocks come in many shapes and sizes: straight ones, bent ones, long skinny ones, short stubby ones, thick ones, flaccid and erect ones. Some that drool and others that hide in a forest of pubes. And more that are festooned with tattoos or an array of shiny jewellery and piercings. It’s great to have fun with your schlong, but there’s a wonderful sense of relief that comes with self-acceptance and being nonchalant about the dick you were born with, and hanging out with another dude who’s also cool with his tool.

As young boys, our relationship with the sensual side of our cocks usually starts with masturbation in our childhood bedrooms. In response, many have learned to stifle any noise their bodies want to make to express pleasure. This silencing of enjoyment puts a lid on how much pleasure we can feel during self-sex, and later, when we get to share that special experience with a special someone else. This is a problem. We ought to be able to express our enjoyment when appropriate and safe to do so. (I might be over-sharing here!) I remember having sex with a male partner while we were alone at a local waterfall and him shouting out: ‘I fucking love it!’ as I was rooting him from behind. I felt so happy that he was able to express his joy in that moment. I roared like a lion as I came inside him. We both felt deeply satisfied from the experience. The vocalisations were a big part of it. Such a freeing experience!

I’ve also learned, from many years of erotic sessions with male clients, that about half of them don’t know what their sensual needs are, nor how to ask for them to be met.  A lot of guys don’t know what turns them on, aside from playing with their penis. There’s many other erogenous zones on a male’s body other than his dick. 

My theory on this is: more often than not, males are expected to give their partner sensual touch and foreplay during a sexual encounter, moreso than being the receiver of such. And in same-sex couplings, one man will generally be the more active partner, while the other the more passive — not a hard and fast rule.
Furthermore, some of my male clients are coupled with a partner who has no desire in pleasuring them, or have the ‘one-trick pony partner’ who doggedly follows a set routine of habitual foreplay that quickly leads to the sex act they prefer. This can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction, boredom, frustration, and sometimes a complete disinterest in sex. If it goes on long enough, it can lead to infidelity in monogamous relationships, or couples splitting up.
If any of this sounds familiar, come to me and bravely ask for the things you’d like to experience. I’m non-judgemental, open-minded and my scope’s wide. While I won’t say yes to everything — I do have boundaries — more often than not you’ll get the type of touch you’re wanting. And if you don’t know what you want, I have heaps of ideas of things we can try, to see if you like them.
While you’re with me, I’ll encourage you to respond in ways that are appropriate for you at the time. Be as expressive as you like, as you go through your phases of relaxation, stimulation and excitement. Or stay completely silent if that’s your schtick. But enjoy fully releasing your pent-up tensions, and bask in the feelings of bliss and deep relaxation that also come at the end of your session. Most of my clients report those feelings. I want you to be one of them!

I really encourage you to try this new modality I’ve created. I’m sure you’ll love receiving it as much as I love providing it.

I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about this style of therapy.

If Sensual Touch seems too confronting at this stage, perhaps consider coming to me for one of my therapeutic styles of treatment. You can read about those here.

If you’re more into linking your sensuality with your spirituality, then tantric healing, tantric yoga and tantric bodywork may be the way to go. Read about those here.


Thanks so much again for the experience. I’m feeling much more connected to and confident with my sensuality. More confident and open in a safe space. And my muscles are much more relaxed and feeling much better too!

David, 39, Mittagong, NSW

Ive been feeling light easy and happy, summed up by “terrific”. The main benefit has been that Im feeling good about myself, because I still have the capacity to be a sexual being (a very nice thing to know when one is older). Cheers,

John 78, Sydney, NSW

I’m feeling great. It was just what I needed to fully relax into the holiday. Felt so nice when I got home, headache had gone and body felt very relaxed and stress-free. Really appreciated it and can’t wait for next time. Thank you so much, you were great. 😎 

Mark, 39, Gold Coast, QLD

I have no hesitation in recommending Kevan. His planned approach is both comprehensive in nature and allows him to provide a truly personalised service. His combination of techniques ensures you are totally prepared once it comes to the point of massage. I left his care renewed and re-invigorated and that feeling continues days after — something I have never experienced before from a massage perspective. Investing time with Kevan is probably the best investment in yourself you will ever make.

David, Mackay, QLD

The massage I had with Kevan Gregory was the most deeply relaxing massage experience I have ever had. I’m a bigger guy and I often feel self-conscious, but Kevan made me feel extremely comfortable and I was able to relax and enjoy the experience and his healing hands. I will definitely be booking in again with him on my next trip back to Cairns.

Jamie, 48, Hobart, TAS

Click/tap then enter the passcode: SeeKGMassageMe

PLEASE NOTE I am triple-vaccinated and have regular sexual health checks


Use the CONTACT FORM and Ill email you my Fees Schedule.



New clients pay 20% deposit to secure their first appointment. If any subsequent appointment is missed, the client will be required to pay a 20% deposit again.



• If you cancel or reschedule your appointment with less than 72 hours’ notice, making it difficult to fill with another client, you will be charged 50% of the fee.

• If you miss an appointment, full payment will be required.




• All credit card payments attract a 2.2% processing fee, except PayPal, which is 2.6%+30c and AfterPay, which is 6%+30c.

• Fees can be avoided by paying via Direct Debit (details on the Fees Schedule).

• PayID Use my mobile number, which you can find by clicking/tapping on the phone symbol on the CONTACT PAGE.


Please complete and send the questionnaire to me at least 24 hours before your appointment. This saves time spent gathering information during your appointment and leaves more time for your treatment.

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