You may have seen improvisation on the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway and wondered, “How do they come up with such cool ideas so quickly?” In improvisation classes you’ll develop similar skills with useful applications in your wider life, including thinking on your feet, learning how to view life’s challenges as opportunities, and knowing how to come up with innovative solutions.


Learn how to get laughs, listen deeply, get out of your head and into your body, and become fluent with body language and expression.

Learn the art of "Yes, and"

Improvisation teaches you how to listen carefully to your scene partner. To say “yes” to their offers; and to add something creative to the scene: that’s the “and” part! During our 9-week improvisation course you’ll learn the art of “Yes, and” by applying it in activities, games and scenes with your classmates.

Develop confidence

Even if youve never improvised in front of others, our classes will help you develop the skills to improvise confidently, knowing you have what it takes to engage your audience and advance the narrative in entertaining ways. Our 9-week course is designed to take someone who struggles with confidence and get them ready to shine!

Planning vs. Going with the Flow

During the 9-week course youll develop skills that allow you to be more flexible, both in class and in your wider life.

Improvisors thrive because theyre able to accept whatever comes their way — turning circumstances into opportunities.

My Impro life

I’ve always been a performer, just ask my family and school friends! Ever the class clown — sometimes to my detriment. It was only natural for me to study Drama at Churchlands Senior High School. I always loved the improvisation component: theatre sports, scene work, role plays etc. I went on to study English at Tuart College in Perth and enjoyed the drama component in that course too, with some script recordings and scene work in class. My teacher told me I had natural talent as an actor. This fuelled me to enrol in the Theatre Arts course at Curtin University. I completed a Theatre Arts minor as part of my bachelor’s degree in 1993. I learned about the history of Western theatre through the ages, performed in many plays, studied stagecraft, lighting, set design, sound design, acting styles, costuming, mask work, mime, front-of-house and many other interesting aspects of the theatrical world. But my favourite was always Improvisation.


Since graduating, I’ve enjoyed appearing in musicals, drama productions and performing in theatrical troupes such as Playback Theatre Canberra, The Troubadores Canberra. I also attended many of the courses run by ImproACT in various aspects of theatrical improvisation, storytelling, stagecraft skills, musical improvisation, improvisation for TV and making up our own Impro games to teach to others.


Since moving to Cairns in 2020, I’ve been instrumental in setting up Impro Cairns, running monthly Impro Jams, and our most recent Improvisation for Beginners’ course. 


I look forward to sharing more of the joy of improvisation with the Cairns community, and have plans to bring visiting teachers to our region from around Australia.

Gregory Barnes


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How to pay for the course

All credit card payments attract a 2% processing fee, which can be avoided by paying via bank transfer.
• DIRECT DEBIT to BSB 923100 | Account Number 46113126 | Name

Please mark the relevant fields with your name and IMPRO CAIRNS, so we can track your payment.

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What if I'm afraid of performing in front of others?

Some people get stressed about having to come up with ideas on the fly and create something entertaining, interesting or funny out of thin air. It comes down to a fear of failing in front of others and looking stupid. Guess what! No one cares if you fail in impro class. In fact, failing is a great way to learn from mistakes; and besides, failure is often the funniest part of a scene or game!

So don’t worry, we’ve got your back, and we’ve failed heaps more times than you have, so we’re experts on stuffing it up! Instead of shrinking away from a failed attempt at improvising, well teach you how to take a bow, loudly exclaim: “I failed!” and receive enthusiastic applause from your supportive classmates. We’re all in this together.

Is there an age limit for classes?

Classes are for ages 18 and over. Sorry, we cannot accommodate younger people at this time. 

How much does the 9-week course cost?

$225 regular/$185 concession

To claim the $185 concession rate, you’ll need to send a photo of the front and back of your valid concession card. We accept these cards: Australian Government Health Care, Low Income Health Care, Full-time Student, DVA, Pensioner, Disability Support. If your card’s not listed, please enquire for assessment.

What are the dates and times for the 9-week course?

INTRO Thursday April 21 (Intro to Impro FREE)

Week 1: Thursday April 28

Week 2: Thursday May 5 

Week 3 Thursday May 12

Week 4: Thursday May 19

Week 5: Thursday May 26

Week 6: Thursday June 2

Week 7: Thursday June 9

Week 8: Thursday June 16

Week 9: Thursday June 23

All classes are 6–8pm.

Where are classes held?

Classes are held at the Chrysalis Relaxation Centre, 129 Mulgrave Road, Westcourt, Cairns

What if I miss a class?

For your own benefit and your team mates we recommend you dont miss more than two classes. Please advise us of any upcoming absences via the CONTACT US form.

Ok, I'm interested. What do I do next?

Register for the 9-week course, using the register button below.


Thanks for contacting us

Or call Gregory 0419 694 991 | 8am-8pm

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Impro Cairns acknowledges the Gimuy Walaburra Yidinji and Yirrangangi people as the traditional custodians of the land, seas, and waterways around where we improvise. We pay respect to their elders, past and present.

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