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I booked a remedial massage with Kevan this week. He was amazing. Very professional guy and great at what he does and is an expert in massages. He asked a lot of questions about problem areas and focused on them during the massage. He has an amazing strong technique and I felt like a new person after it was done. He has a professional relaxing setup at his place and made me feel comfortable and relaxed the whole time. My shoulders and back have never felt as good as what Kevan did. I’d love to try the tantric massage one day but I would highly recommend Kevan for any massage to help with problem areas to make you feel flexible and good again. And he’s a really friendly guy too. Five stars.

Pete, 40, MacGregor, ACT

Kevan has been my massage therapist for over 15 years. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed from the very first massage. It was one of the many reasons I will always return.

Cris, 39, Bonner, ACT


I get a lot out of Kevan’s yoga classes. He introduces new moves each week to keep it interesting and he gives options for each move so that beginners and experienced people all get a great workout.

Alan, 48, Hackett, ACT


I’ve been having Shiatsu sessions with Kevan for several years and with the variety of issues that arise from having MS, I can rely on Kevan to help deal with them. As well as a good stretching out which helps my physical abilities, his advice and counsel on all manner of things have taught me to cope with life’s challenges."

Gillian, 60, Farrer, ACT


Sometimes I’ll know exactly which style I’d like and I’ll email Kevan in advance. Other times, we’ll sit down at the start and talk about what I’d like that day. I even get to pick the music from a wide range of choices. And each visit he blends an aromatherapy oil based on how I’m feeling that day. It all adds to the mood and enjoyment of my sessions . . . So far I've experienced chakra balancing, massage and aromatherapy. But there’s so many options and mixing and matching styles makes it fun. I always get exactly what I need.

Mitchell, 31, Kambah, ACT

I was referred to Kevan about ten years ago by another massage therapist who described him as “The best neck man in Canberra”. I’ve never looked back. Not only did he fix my neck pain in one session, but he’s tackled all my aches and pains since — from a frozen shoulder to the debilitating symptoms of MS — with gentle expertise and humour . . . I can unreservedly recommend Kevan whether you require Shiatsu, remedial massage or the very best relaxation massage.

Myra, 64, Holt, ACT


I have been receiving great benefit to my health from Kevan’s massage since 1998. It’s a fundamental part of my health management, given my compromised immune vulnerability. I used to have problems with itchy dry skin, inflammation, joint aches and gym-related injuries. I always feel so energised after receiving Kevan’s massage and can recommend his professionalism and expertise to any person who is seeking a natural remedy to many of these health problems, and a restoration of vitality and energy.

Phillip, 54, South Woden, ACT


After years of tension headaches several times a week and other back pain I heard about Kevan Gregory. I had not had a massage before, but thought I would give it a go. His immediate caring response was reassuring enough for me accept a massage once a month. Over time the headaches dwindled, back pain reduced to a point that I was able take up Pilates classes. My general health has improved enormously and I put that down to the regular massages. I became so enthusiastic about massages that I attended two massage courses Kevan ran through TAFE. I found him to be a patient, calm, knowledgeable instructor. My family have benefited from this instruction. I’m able to highly recommend Kevan as a massage therapist and instructor.

Liz, 49, Gundaroo, NSW

My massage with Kevan was amazing! Firstly, he has a truly comprehensive questionnaire to get a very clear understanding of you and your body. And you can fill it in online, well before your session. This in itself was the best one of these I have ever done. So well put together in what it covered. During the entire session I felt so very nurtured, beyond what I am use to in a massage. Kevan used methods on my muscles that I have never experienced before. His pressure was perfect for the condition of my body that day, which, considering just how strong his hands are, was also amazing. The problem areas that I especially needed attention on, all feel a lot more loosened up and relaxed — and I have a tricky sensitive body — so I am impressed! And, two days later I can also say I have not had any adverse reactions, like I have had with people who go too hard. So all things considered, I would definitely recommend booking a session with Kevan. I will certainly be having another one soon.

Jocah, 47, Cairns, QLD

I highly recommend Kevan as a healing therapist. His intuition and skilful hands produce excellent results in rebalancing my body. Give him a go, you won’t regret it.

Sandra, 72, Batesman's Bay, NSW

Kevan is a marvellous masseur and healer. I have attended his practice for approximately three years. During this time he also assisted my friends and family, and I will always be grateful for his care when I needed him. Thank you, Kevan, and may the people of Cairns come to know and value your talents! From a grateful member of Kevan’s therapeutic community in Canberra.

Elizabeth, 65, Canberra, ACT

Kevan is an amazing and very intuitive massage therapist. He has very healing and soothing hands with a very nice hard touch. I love the spirituality that he brings to his practice with smudging and also chakra balancing and reiki energy. I have used quite a few massage therapists in Cairns and nothing has been more relaxing, therapeutic and connected. I am a very satisfied client.

Chris, 42, Cairns, QLD

Kevan did an awesome massage for me and released all the tension in my hips. Magic hands.

Anthony,  Cairns, QLD

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