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VENUE On the Esplanade, opposite Cairns Base Hospital and adjacent the Beach Volleyball courts. Closest intersection is Kerwin Street and Giangurra Esplanade. Marked with the purple pin on the map below.

TIME 7–8am | Arrive 6.45am

COST Minimum $10. You’re welcome to pay more if you like.

WHAT TO BRING A yoga mat, a towel and drinking water.

WHAT ELSE? Complete the Health Questionnaire

WHAT ABOUT THE WEATHER? If it’s fine weather, the class is on. If it’s a little iffy, check in with the chat group for the latest updates. If it’s raining cats and dogs, we can practice yoga undercover on the stage at Munro Martin Parklands, corner Sheridan and Florence Streets. The park opens 6am, 7 days a week.

sunrise yoga location.png


Suitable for the novice and returning student alike, these classes will take you through the fundamentals of yoga practice.


My classes are challenging, but lots of fun. Generally, the classes comprise a fusion of many styles of yoga including, IYTA, Iyenga, Ashtanga, Acro, Tantra and Oki-Do. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Japanese Shiatsu and Western Anatomy and Physiology are also woven into the fabric of the classes.


According to the needs of those attending, every class will be different and somewhat improvised. This variation keeps the classes relevant and interesting and prevents us from plateauing in our development from too much repetition.


Each new class builds on your knowledge. The flow of a typical class would be something like this:

  • a brief talk

  • a short relaxation practice

  • physical warm-ups for strength and mobility of muscles and joints 

  • classical yoga asanas such as twists: side, back and forward bends; balance and inverted poses — all taught in a graded style to accommodate any level of ability

  • pranayama (yogic breathing practices) 

  • Yoga Nidra — deep physical relaxation, to calm emotions, clear mental clutter and focus your mind.


Classes may also include solo, partner and group exercises as per the individual's preference.


Yoga is about alignment, as much in a physical sense as in a metaphysical sense. You’ll improve your physical posture with correct alignment in the poses, and you’ll also become aware of any ‘misalignments’ with respect to your direction in life, and the activities and relationships you’re currently involved in. Yoga students may find themselves questioning their past decisions and making positive changes in their life direction. Or, if they’re already on track in their lives, they’ll be inspired with renewed energy and passion. 


Yoga classes can also provide new social opportunities and help develop existing friendships between students. Once a month, there'll be time after class for light refreshments and socialising. Every now and then, we’ll enjoy a shared meal after a class, either at the venue or a restaurant close by. I also host the occasional movie night and excursions to beautiful uplifting natural locations like waterfalls, mountains and beaches.

I aspire to organising yoga retreats again too. A little down-the-track.


All classes are general level. Anyone can join. Especially complete beginners!


Please complete the questionnaire.


From time-to-time, I run half, full and two-day workshops where we delve deeper into specific subjects such as Asana Form, Tantric Healing, Source Communication, Tantric Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Yogic Cleansing Practices, Mantra and Meditation etc. Once youre on the mailing list, youll be advised of these. I also post details on the specific class group chats using Facebook Messenger.


If you prefer to learn yoga one-on-one, we can set up an appointment. You may also bring a friend with you to my studio space to share the cost. I'm also open to teaching via video online. Please contact me for a quote.


Part proceeds from these classes go to helping rehabilitate koalas that were affected by the devastating bushfires around NSW, Victoria and South Australia during the Summer of 2019–2020.


Use the CONTACT FORM and I'll email or text/call you.

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