ABOUT KirtanaRama

KirtanaRama grew out of Canberra’s vibrant and diverse Community Kirtan scene. We all met at regular local Kirtan gatherings, and now combine our talents in an initiative to introduce Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga to the wider Canberra community. 


KirtanaRama's current core members are Gregory (left) and Sajhu (right). We also welcome various local kirtanists to accompany us at our events. Some of our 'guest stars' can be seen below.


At KirtanaRama events, as with Canberra's Community Kirtan gatherings, the role of the kirtanist is passed from one band member to the next – everyone gets to contribute equally. The Kirtan is completely interactive. All people present, including the kirtanists and the responders, are invited to contribute with their physical presence, their voices, and simple hand percussion instruments. Spontaneous dancing is also encouraged and supported.


The uplifting and transformative nature of Kirtan and its inclusive and engaging presentation mean anyone can take part and benefit from the experience. 


KirtanaRama would love to take you on these mystical, musical journeys. We thrive on helping people find their amazing potential with our multi-spectral musical offerings.


LEFT Cassie Schlig will be playing with KirtanaRama at Canberra Yoga Space Wednesday June 12 

MIDDLE Gini Eagle joins KirtanaRama at Power Yoga Canberra Friday July 19

RIGHT KirtanaRama are graced with Nitya Parker’s presence at both the Canberra Yoga Space and Power Yoga Canberra events

KirtanaRama's Kirtanography

Saturday Sept 8, 2018

Community Kirtan 

Canberra Yoga Space, 1/13 Botany Street Phillip

Saturday Nov 4, 2018

Change Yoga Opening Day Kirtan

Change Yoga, Forde ACT


Saturday Jan 12, 2019

Community Kirtan 

Canberra Yoga Space, 1/13 Botany Street Phillip

Saturday Jan 19, 2019

Community Kirtan 

Smiths Alternative Bookshop and Performance Space, Civic ACT


Saturday Mar 23, 2019

Awakening Ancient Futures Kirtan 

Ingelara Farm, Bredbo NSW

Wednesday June 12, 2019

Introduction to Kirtan Skills Workshop

Canberra Yoga Space, 1/13 Botany Street Phillip

Friday July   19, 2019

An evening of Kirtan with KirtanaRama

Power Yoga Canberra, 1 Oatley Court Belconnen

Sunday Sept 22, 2019

Kirtan workshop

Quaker's Centre, Lake George NSW



Thank you so much for such a beautiful evening. I was driving on the way feeling really down due to some life stuff and I left feeling totally exuberant! I love Kirtan, I'm a singing teacher and eventually want to lead my own Kirtans and write my own peace/meditation music. So glad I can be involved and thank you for doing Om Mani Pade Me Hum. That's one of my favourites! Can't wait to experience more ❤️

Hannah Louise



For more information, call  0419 694 991