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Tantric Touch is a form of bodywork that promotes healing on a deep level by using touch, sensuality and eroticism. It originated many thousands of years ago in the region we now call India. Tantric massage is a sacred practice that you do with your intimate partner and therefore, must be deeply honoured and respected. It’s also a rare opportunity in Cairns. As far as I know, no other gay therapist offers it here.


Tantric Massage is very personal, sensual, intimate and enjoyable, It’s sometimes erotic, but never sexual (you can do that together afterwards at home).


What follows is intended to paint a picture of what I’ve experienced during Tantric Massage sessions in the past. But remember, every session is unique and original. So the format and experience can vary.


To set the scene: firstly, over a cuppa, we would all discuss the process and agree on our comfort levels and boundaries. I would then suggest a range of essential oils from which you can choose your favourites to be added to your individual massage oil blends. Aphrodisiac oils are usually suggested to support the erotic mood we are creating.


Smudging or Puja happens next; usually with sage smoke. This is done in many indigenous cultures as a form of spiritual cleansing. A sage stick is lit and its pleasant-smelling smoke is wafted around each of our bodies using a feather wand made from owl and eagle feathers (symbolising wisdom and strength). I teach you how to do this for me and then I do it for you.


I’d then invite yourself and your partner to relax together on the futon, where you’re instructed in some partner yoga stretching to help you both relax and connect with each other. The stretching also helps open up your energy systems in preparation for pranayama (breathing practices); these are also done with close intimate contact. Controlling and cultivating the breath charges both with lots of energy. And you learn the ‘charging breath’, which you use during the massage.


The massage is done on a futon usually with both yourself and your partner naked. If nudity feels inappropriate, either one or both of you can opt to wear briefs. Tantric Massage involves a lot of intimate, physical contact. So you get to position yourselves in some really sensual ways, which gives you access to each other’s bodies and help you feel warm, comfortable and supported. For instance, ‘the frog position’, has the giver sitting behind the receiver with the receiver lying face down and their legs wrapped around the giver’s waist. This means the receiver’s groin area is resting across the giver’s lap, which is very erotic.


The massage involves long, slow, smooth strokes along the back and limbs using an aphrodisiac, aromatherapy massage oil blend. It also incorporates a yogic breathing technique that lifts the erotic energy up and away from the genitals and into the more refined energy centres of the body (aka chakras). The intention is to give and receive pleasure whilst honouring each other in mind, body and spirit. The giver helps the receiver build pleasurable, erotic feelings and spread them throughout his body.


After a while the receiver would turn over on his back. ‘Yab Yum’ is a position where the receiver sits in the giver’s lap with legs wrapped around his torso. This position gives access to the front of the receiver’s body and enables him to see what is going on, or close his eyes and bliss out with the whole experience.

Tantric Massage can be erotic but, instead of using sexual energy to orgasm with an ejaculation, Tantric massage helps to generate and spread powerful, sexual energy up into the receiver’s whole body. Tantric Massage differs from conventional sex in that neither ejaculate. Rather, the goal is for the giver to stimulate erotic energy and then help the receiver move it around the rest of their body. Amplifying and spreading sexual energy leads to heightened states of sensual pleasure. Which can have profound affects on the receiver.


The massage sequence lasts for over an hour, with partners swapping roles about half-way through.


After the massage there’s a period of embraces, where you both hold each other in various, sensual positions. This helps smooth out the energy that’s been stimulated, cultivated, redistributed and re-absorbed throughout the process, and is done with the intention of fostering a feeling of being loved and honoured as partners.


Next, there’s the option to take a warm shower separately or together to wash off the excess oil and cleanse on an energetic level.

We’d then all have time for reflection, discussion, payments and re-booking.

I’ve described what’s happened with other clients, but each person is an individual and thus will respond in their own unique way and each session is also unique. All responses are valid; in other words, you can’t get it wrong. Tantra develops present mind awareness and usually results in an amazing state of excitement, joy and bliss! Having said that, it can also be an opportunity to heal old sexual/ emotional wounds. So sometimes tears are released during or after the process, but a feeling of joyous expansion usually replaces any momentary feelings of sadness.


Open communication is maintained throughout the whole process so that safety is ensured and boundaries are respected and that, as much as possible, all involved are giving/getting what they need.


In summary, intensifying an erotic experience through Tantric massage takes the recipient to high levels of enjoyment. Thus, opening them up to experience life in a more relaxed and passionate way. Tantric Massage can teach us that there’s much more to eroticism and sensuality than sex alone can offer! In this way, it can be a vehicle for personal development and deepening intimate relationships.

I hope this gives you a good understanding of what you’re likely to experience. I'm also happy to answer any more questions you might have.



The basic 120-minute session gives us time for: 

  • introductions

  • assessment

  • preparatory sage smudging

  • aromatherapy massage oil selection

  • full body tantric massage (one partner giving, the other receiving)


The deluxe 150-minute session (recommended) gives us time for all the above, plus:

  • nude showering, body scrub with aromatherapy shower gels and towelling off — a pampering experience for you both, and a nice way for us all to connect with each other

  • tantric yoga partner stretches — a sexy way to release tightness from your bodies, with my physical support, in some close contact positions 

  • spooning, embracing and debriefing after the tantric massage 

  • optional shared shower at the end of the session.

The Deluxe Plus 180-minute Tantric Yoga, Massage and Spa package includes these extras

  • At commencement, a 30-minute epsom salts spa therapy session, including therapeutic touch, stretching and embraces focusing on any areas you like. 

The intention is for you to both set up a follow-up session soon after, when you’d swap roles: the giver becoming the receiver and vice versa. It’s best to return ASAP to complete the second session so the basics are still fresh in your minds, you can consolidate your learning and add to your skills as both giver and receiver.

Two to three days after each session, I reconnect with both of you via your choice of either text, phone or email to check in with how you’ve processed and integrated your tantric experience.

If you feel the need, I’m happy to discuss your options with you via email or in a free phone call. I’m also happy to work with heterosexual couples, lesbian couples and throuples: groups of three intimate friends of any genders. In this case there would be two people massaging one person at any time and we would need three sessions in total.


Because of the intimate nature of the activities we are all engaging in, consent is vital at all stages of the Tantric experience. All parties must be comfortable with what’s occurring at all times. We talk about boundaries and comfort levels including no-go areas, at the start of each session to set comfort parameters in place, ensure each person is involved in the most appropriate way for them, and all are getting what they desire from the experience. However, the consent given at the start of the session is not carved in stone, and can be renegotiated at any point of the session to either reduce or increase the level of intimacy as may be desired. This way, each session remains safe for all parties throughout its entire length and we avoid overstepping each other’s comfort zones and boundaries. As an added safety measure, I check in with you at various key moments during the massage to make sure everything is proceeding in the way you desire. I’ll also flag anything you might be doing that raises concerns for me.


I saw Kevan twice while visiting Canberra for work. I booked a deep tissue and a tantric massage. The tantric massage was mind blowing! This was no doubt one of the best massages I’ve had in my life. It relaxed my muscles and cleaned my soul. His studio is clean, professional and full of interesting things to look at. Kevan is very friendly, masculine and easy to connect with. I recommend him 100%.

Rick, 39, Sydney, NSW

I booked the 120-minute tantric massage with Kevan. If you are interested in exploring tantra, this is a worthwhile investment. From the time of initial inquiry to the session follow up, Kevan was very professional. He explains in detail what you can expect with the information from his website provided prior to the session and then in person at the beginning of the session. The session was like a mini-workshop of tantra where Kevan freely shared his great knowledge of the topic. Kevan checks in on you regularly during the session to tweak the session if needed. Such was the impact of the session, it took me about a day to process. I then knew I needed to book another session. The second session was even better than the first. This session was a more tailored experience as I knew from the first massage which parts were really awesome! Bookending my trip to Cairns with the 120-minute tantric massage was an excellent way to start and end a trip. Kevan was very generous with both his knowledge and time in both sessions. A gentle soul with talented body who is very easy to connect with. I would highly recommend Kevan.

Trevor, 56,  Melbourne, VIC

PLEASE NOTE I am triple-vaccinated and have regular sexual health checks


Use the CONTACT FORM and I'll email you my Fees Schedule.



New clients pay 20% deposit to secure their first appointment. If any subsequent appointment is missed, the client will be required to pay a 20% deposit again.



• If you cancel or reschedule your appointment with less than 72 hours’ notice, making it difficult to fill with another client, you will be charged 50% of the fee.

• If you miss an appointment, full payment will be required.




• All credit card payments attract a 2.2% processing fee, except PayPal, which is 2.6%+30c and AfterPay, which is 6%+30c.

• Fees can be avoided by paying via Direct Debit (details on the Fees Schedule).

• PayID Use my mobile number, which you can find by clicking/tapping on the phone symbol on the CONTACT PAGE.


Please complete and send the questionnaire to me at least 24 hours before your appointment. This saves time spent gathering information during your appointment and leaves more time for your treatment.

For more information, please use the CONTACT FORM.

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