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Mercury Retrograde

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Signs of the Zodiac

I'm writing a Community Service notice for my very first blog. And I'd like to devote this one to Ganesha. The remover of obstacles.

I’ve taken some interest in Astronomy and Astrology over the years.

You may be interested to know that Mercury is now retrograde.

This means that from our view point on Earth, Mercury appears to be going backwards in the sky. It’s all about angles and the fact that we are further from the sun than Mercury. That’s the Astronomy bit.

Astrologically, Mercury influences human communication; in Roman mythology, Mercury was the Messenger of the Gods.

When Mercury appears to be moving in the same direction around the sun as we are, communication on Earth goes as well as it can — depending on each individual’s ability. However, when Mercury appears to be going backwards, as it is now, communication gets trickier.

The next three weeks, is a good time to avoid getting into activities that require complex communication with other folk. As that could bring lots of frustration.

People start having trouble expressing their ideas. Words don’t flow so easily. It’s harder to remember stuff you've heard, said or typed. Reading becomes more of a chore as we all seem to get some form of temporary ‘astrological dyslexia’.

Our communication devices can also start to play up. Computers and phones get buggy. You might see the spinning beachball or the wait cursor a little more often. Perhaps the programmers in their silicon towers start mis-hitting a few keys as they re-write our code?

So, expect to be misunderstood, misquoted, overlooked, delayed and ignored. You may also find people getting more easily confused with what you’re trying to say to them. That could be partly due to you not expressing yourself as clearly as you usually do, and partly because of the other person’s impaired comprehension. If you’re planning travel at this time 1. Don’t. 2. If you must do it now, read the next bit carefully.

What to do?

Ask for confirmation and clarification. Get people to repeat what you said to them. Ask email recipients to confirm they have received, read and understood what you’ve written.

Before you send emails, re-read them to check for typos and auto-correct blunders. When instructing people to do things, keep it simple.

Fear not. it's not all bad news. Mercury Retrograde can also be a useful time of the Astrological year.

Think of the prefix ‘re’. We use ‘re’ in front of many words. ‘Retro’ has the same origin as ‘re’ as in, for example, re-organise, repair, revisit, re-word, restore, rewrite and so on.

Use this time to absorb yourself in the ‘re’ word activities, ie: fix broken things; sort through and re-order cupboards and shelves, re-write and update documents in time for the new year; re-evaluate your life; and REST (that’s a very important ‘re’ word)! Well, I am embellishing, but it’s not bad advise!

To find out when Mercury goes retrograde, click/tap here.

Peace out XX

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