Consider this: many guys spend far more time and money looking after their cars than they do on their own bodies. That’s fine — until something goes wrong. Then they either stress at the doctor’s or bury their heads in the sand and hope the problem just goes away. By practising yoga, you can become your own personal ‘mechanic’. Yoga can give you the tools to ‘fix’ most of the minor problems in both body and mind before they become major ones. What’s more, yoga is simple and fun! The goal of nude yoga classes is to provide men with a safe, confidential and supportive environment to enjoy practising yoga and tantra without the restriction of clothing.

Why practice yoga and tantra?

Here are some good reasons:

  • improve cardiovascular health

  • enhance muscle tone

  • regain flexibility

  • improve balance and coordination

  • be less susceptible to mood swings

  • strengthen your immunity to diseases

  • develop your virtuous qualities

  • learn to meditate and deeply relax your mind and body

  • learn to harness your powerful sexual energy and transform it into creative inspiration that can be used in all areas of your life

  • and as class numbers are limited to ten participants, you get good quality instruction.


Why do yoga with men?

  • benefit from practices specifically tailored for male physiology

  • enjoy challenging arm and leg balances, and inverted poses

  • be free of the distraction of the fairer sex

  • enjoy the company of like-minded men

  • be part of a supportive male social network


Why go naked?

  • enjoy more freedom of movement while practising yoga postures

  • feel more sensual and alive

  • learn to be more comfortable in your own skin

  • dispel any fear of being naked around other men

  • form deeper male friendships based on trust and mutual respect


Note: Yoga is not a form of religion and thus is compatible with any established religious practice.


How do I sign up?

You can apply to join at any time. Just be over 18 years of age. Download the application form, complete and email it back to me. Within a few days of receiving your application, I will let you know of your success or otherwise. (Applicants with current serious health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or cancer are encouraged to seek medical advice before undertaking any yoga program.)


When you receive your acceptance you can secure your spot by paying the course fee. Once payment is received, I’ll let you know the location. To protect the privacy and security of all students the location of the class will only be known to those attending.



Class times: Friday nights 6.30–8pm

Please arrive no later than 6.20pm

Arriving late disturbs the others who will be relaxing.

Venue: Chapman ACT 


2020 TERMS

Summer school: January 17-31

Term one: February 14–April 3

TERM TWO:  May 15–July 3 inclusive (limit of 4 participants). The class will maintain 1.5m physical distancing between students and Covid 19 hygiene protocols inline with Australian and ACT government health department regulations.

More about Nude Yoga during Covid-19

Term three: TBA

Term four: TBA



  • If you’re paying for a term in advance, each class is $28. If you’re paying each class casually, it’s $35. 

  • Concession cardholders (pensioner, health care or full-time student), deduct 10%. Please show your card at your first class.

  • Direct debit 

    • Account name: Wholistic Solutions 

    • BSB: 923100 

    • Account number: 65024313 

    • Please identify your transaction with the words 'Men’s Yoga' and your name in the relevant fields.

  • If paying by cash, please bring the exact amount, as I only carry limited change. 

  • Visa or MasterCard only accepted. There’s a surcharge of 2%.

  • Please let me know in advance if you’d like a receipt.

  • For Canberrans, your very first Nude Yoga class will be free of charge with no obligations. This gives you an opportunity to sample the experience we offer and decide if it’s for you or not. If you’re visiting Canberra from interstate, it's $32 for your first class, the standard casual rate.

  • Attendance: Regular attendance gives optimum results. If something beyond your control precludes you from attending classes you’ve paid for, please let me know.



  • a sticky-backed yoga mat is essential. Towels or other kinds of rubber exercise mats don't work. You can buy yoga mats at modest cost from most leading discount stores such as Big W and Target and most sports equipment stores. Alternatively shop online (do a search for ‘Yoga mat Canberra’). The choice is up to you. I do not recommend any particular brand or reseller. If you’re caught short for your first class let me know in advance and you can hire one of the spare mats for $7 (covers cleaning costs)

  • a towel to be used as a prop; or if desired, to cover your body for extra warmth during relaxation

  • a bottle of water — you’ll need to stay hydrated

  • an extra towel, if you want to shower at the venue before class

  • an empty stomach — it’s better if you stop eating two hours before the class; otherwise, you’re likely to feel nauseous.



  • We get sweaty in the warmer months, so please shower before the class. If you need to use the shower at the venue, please factor in an extra 10 minutes.

  • For the comfort of other students, please don't wear strong aftershaves or perfumes as we will be in a small room.

  • ​Cameras, mobile phones, and other image recording devices must be turned off before entering the classroom and are not to be used during class.



My name's Gregory Barnes. I was born and raised in Perth WA and moved to Canberra in 1995. Fuelled by a strong desire to learn more about myself and be of more assistance to others, I began what turned out to be an intense study that still continues today. So far, I’ve completed courses in massage therapy, Shiatsu and oriental therapies, foot reflexology, lymphatic drainage, scar tissue massage, Touch for Health 1, posture and flexibility, functional anatomy, sports massage, Chinese dietary therapy, basic Western herbalism, aromatherapy, Theta healing, Playback and Improvisational Theatre, Body Electric erotic massage for men, and Satyananda, Ashtanga, Iyengar and Tantric Yoga.


My official qualifications are B.A., Dip. Yoga teaching, Dip. Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies, Cert Tantric Yoga Teaching, Cert. Remedial Massage, Reiki Master, Advanced Theta healer.


My mission is to encourage people to develop a better relationship with themselves: body, mind, and spirit. My background in wholistic therapies underpins my belief that we are an intricate mix of physical substances, thoughts, memories and feelings all held together by our spiritual self: the essence of who we are. We’re all on a journey called life and my intention is to be a strong positive influence, a patient and encouraging support for you through some of the bumpier parts.


I’ve had a regular yoga practice since 1994 and yoga is now an integral part of all areas of my life. I’m a qualified Hatha Yoga teacher with IYTA as well as extensive experience in leading spirituality groups and facilitating various tantric workshops for men in Perth, country Victoria and NSW, as well as Canberra. I teach a variety of clothed and nude yoga classes each week in the Canberra region. (The first nude yoga classes for men living in the Canberra region began in August 2007.) The nude classes are ‘men only’ but the clothed classes are open to all. I also hold a respected position in the local healing community as a natural therapist.



There is a very small budget for advertising, so people will mostly find out by word of mouth. Therefore, we need your help to make this happen. With discernment, please share this weblink with anyone you think may be interested. After contacting me, I'll send you our CNY Welcome Pack, which includes more info on the classes and etiquette a Health History/Enrolment Form and some other free goodies.


MEANTIME, WAIT NO MORE. Use the CONTACT ME from to get going on your new adventure in yoga!


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For more information, call  0419 694 991