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Kirtan, (pronounced keertaan) is Part of the Bhakti Yoga tradition. Kirtan is a celebration of life through sound and song (and sometimes dance). Kirtan is primarily a spiritual practice, not necessarily a religious practice, although some religions do use it as such. Essentially, it’s call-and-response singing in the ancient language of Sanskrit; kirtans are also sometimes sung in other languages. The music is accompanied by harmonium, guitar, percussion, drums and other musical instruments.


For those with a more secular worldview, scientists have recently proven that when we sing together we synchronise brain waves with each other.


Kirtan can engender feelings of peace and unity for those in attendance. It can also facilitate social interaction, strengthen existing friendships, and helps in the formation of new ones.

You don’t have to be a great singer or musician to participate. You don’t even have to sing! Some prefer to play an instrument, while others sit quietly and immerse themselves in the good vibes.


All are welcome.



The photos below are from similar events I ran in Canberra.

Cairns Community Kirtan Events are held monthly at The Yoga School, located at Piconnes Shopping Centre in Manunda.

More information, please click/tap here.


Alternatively, use the CONTACT FORM if you would like me to help you organise a special kirtan event.


For more information, please use the CONTACT FORM.

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