YOGA 18-35s FAQ

When are the yoga classes?

The first classes will run on Saturday afternoons, but I'm open to suggestions about the most accessible times. You can join classes at any point in a 6-week term. And they run each Saturday from 5.30 to 7pm. On the third Saturday of each month, we enjoy an extra 30 minutes after class with non-al drinks, snax and socialising at the venue. After each term there's a one-week break from classes before they start up again.

What if I miss a class?

If you have to miss a class you’ve paid for, you’re welcome to attend a make-up class during the same term, i.e., if your usual class is Monday night, you can come to a Thursday or Friday night class and vice versa. Keep in mind, not all of the classes I teach are nude, and some are co-ed. I can’t offer credits across terms. So, make sure you use up any credit you have within the same six-week term.

How much do these classes cost and how do I pay you?
  • If you pay in advance for a 6-week term, each class is $20. If you attend casually, and pay on the day, it’s $25

  • Concession cardholders (health care/full-time student), deduct 10%. Please show your concession card at your first class

  • Direct debit 

    • Account name: Wholistic Solutions 

    • BSB: 923100 

    • Account number: 65024313 

    • Please identify your transaction with the words Yoga 18-35s and your name in the relevant fields.

  • If paying by cash, please bring the exact amount, as I only carry limited change.

  • Visa or MasterCard only accepted. There’s a surcharge of 2%.

  • Please let me know in advance if you’d like a receipt.

  • For Cairns residents, your  first class will be free of charge with no obligations. This gives you an opportunity to sample the experience and decide if it’s for you. If you’re visiting Cairns from interstate, it’s $25 for your first class, the standard casual rate.

  • Regular attendance gives optimum results. As an incentive to continue practicing yoga, you'll receive a 10% discount iwhen you enrol in consecutive terms


What about refunds?

I understand unforeseen things can come up after you’ve booked and paid for your classes. If something beyond your control prevents you from attending classes you’ve paid for, please let me know ASAP. I prefer 3 day's advance notice when possible.


If your circumstances change after paying your fees but before commencing classes, I’m happy to refund the fee you paid, less a 10% admin fee. Once your classes have started, there is no refund, however, you’re welcome to swap to another week night if there’s room for you in any of those classes.I teach general classes on Thursday nights and soon to start a morning class before breakfast. I can't allow you to transfer credit to the following term, so please think carefully before you commit and pay your fees. You’re welcome to only pay in advance for as many classes as you expect to be able to attend in any given term, that is, you might pay for 4 or 5 out of the 6 classes in a term, and still receive the discounted price.

If youre unable to attend a class, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can give your place to someone else. To just not show up or to cancel at the last minute is unfair to me, and the others who might otherwise be able to attend. Either email me at or call or text 0419 694 991. Im also on WhatsApp if that works better for you.


Can beginners join this class?

Yes. Classes are suitable for both the novice and the more experienced.


Why do I need to complete the Health Questionnaire? I'm young and healthy!

I’m going to need you to put that in writing. If you have a history of health problems, please tell your GP that you intend to practice yoga and get a clearance letter from them to show me. Let me know all the details of your health problems, so I can modify practices for you and keep an eye on your progress. Apart from the necessary contact details, there are also some questions about what you’re interested in learning from me.


What kind of yoga is it and what happens?

It’s a fusion of styles. Hatha, Iyenga, Ashtanga, Acro, Dru, Tantra and Oki-Do. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Japanese Shiatsu and Western Anatomy and Physiology are also woven into the fabric of the classes. 


Fusion yoga clears the mind and body so you can achieve a state of meditation and experience yoga or ‘oneness’ (samadhi). My classes are often spontaneously inspired; yoga is about being in the moment. That said, my classes will typically include

  • physical postures (asanas)

  • breathing exercises (pranayama)

  • withdrawal from the senses (pratyahara)

  • focused attention (dharana)

  • meditation (dhyana)

  • deep relaxation/guided visualisation (yoga nidra)

  • inner silence (antar mouna)

  • candle gazing (trataka)

  • vocalisations and chanting (bhakti and mantra yoga)

  • listening to sacred sounds (eg: Tibetan bowls, tanpoura, harmonium)


The classes are tailored to counter the stresses each new season places on our bodies and minds. During the cooler dry season with shorter days we do practices that help to regulate our circulation and keep us motivated. During the warmer, Wet Season, we do practices that cool us down, energize us and help ward off the physical and mental affects of dampness and excessive humidity. We might go inside into the AC during the short Build-up during November and December, or any other time when its horrible to be outdoors! In accord with the dynamic, everchanging nature of our Cairns climate, and the mood of those attending, every class will be different and somewhat improvised, this variation keeps the classes interesting and prevents us from plateauing in our development.


Each new class builds on your knowledge. We start with a brief talk, then a short relaxation, gently easing into physical exercises — warmups for muscles and joints, core strength and flexibility training. We then move into classic yoga asanas, which are taught in a graded style to accommodate all levels of ability. These include twists; side, back and forward bends; balance and inverted poses; seguing into pranayama (yogic breathing practices). We finish with relaxation. Classes can also include solo, partner and group exercises as per the individuals preference.


As the classes develop and depending on interest, Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) and meditation may also be introduced to further help calm the emotions and clear the mental clutter of our busy lives.


You'll get a good, all-around physical workout with a healthy balance of active and restorative poses, including breath coaching to leave you feeling energised, relaxed and mentally focused.


Yoga classes can also provide new social opportunities.

Where did you do your yoga teacher training?

With IYTA, the International Yoga Teachers’ Association based in Sydney, and with Heart of Shiva Tantra Yoga Meditation in Melbourne.


How long have you been practising/teaching yoga?

Practising since 1994, teaching since 2003.


Why do I have to send you a full-length photo of myself and a face picture? 

I use the face photos to identify students and the full-length photo to help gauge your level of fitness. You can be clothed in your full length photo. But preferably wear something form fitting. No one will be discriminated against because of the way they look. All 18+ are welcome to apply. You can trust your photos will only be viewed by me and my assistant teachers.


What kind of support/guidance can you offer to me outside of my yoga classes?
  • printed information about yogic terminology and practice guidelines

  • photographic practice sheets (jpeg format) designed to help you practice at home between classes

  • audio program, containing: three asana/pranayama routines for morning, afternoon and evening practice, and two guided relaxations. Downloadable for $25

  • private yoga lessons for those who need extra assistance with their practice: 90 minutes for $135 (first session half price)

  • recommended reading list

  • referral to reputable yoga equipment suppliers 

  • invites to various social activities throughout the year

  • yoga retreats: an excellent opportunity for you to deepen your yoga knowledge and experience, deeply rejuvenate yourself and take time out of your usual routine to contemplate life, goals and direction — please inquire if you’re interested to know about the next available retreat


Will I be able to do the practices or will it all be too hard for me?

I teach in a graded fashion by demonstrating and instructing the easiest versions of the postures first and then giving the option of adding some modifications that can provide you with more of a challenge if desired. This enables everyone to progress at their own pace.


I’m too inflexible to do Yoga!

Rubbish. No one is too stiff to stretch. Take it slowly and you will regain your flexibility.


I’m not strong enough to do yoga.

Strength builds quickly. Within a few weeks, you will notice definite improvements. I start with entry-level practices and offering more challenging modifications for those who are ready.


I’m out of shape and I’m worried what others will think of my physical appearance?

Don’t worry, people come in different shapes and sizes. And that’s what makes us individuals. Yoga helps to tone you up and get you into better shape. If you favour the bulky look, you’d be advised to maintain your weight routine as well. Fusion Yoga doesn’t create gym-toned, muscled bodies; but it will enhance your physique.


Will the space be a comfortable temperature?

Yes. In rare instances, we might need a heater on during dry season. But not likely. Its a visually private open-air space, so I use fans to keep the air moving around us during the Wet Season.


What do I need to bring to class?

Just the usual things youd take to any yoga class. Specific information will be provided in an email to you if your application is successful.


What should I wear to classes?

Its practical to practice yoga with as little clothing as possible. It allows for ease of movement, your skin can breathe and sweat freely, and its a more sensual experience. Cairns tropical weather is very conducive to practising yoga with minimal clothing. Im a nudist most of the time, so I prefer not to be wearing too many clothes when Im working. I may wear loose shorts and a singlet or go topless if its quite humid. Its up to you to decide what to wear and how much clothing to remove to keep yourself comfortable. If youre also interested in nude yoga, I teach those classes twice a week. MORE INFO


What about touch?

There may be some physical touch between students during partner exercises. Touch is an important component of the classes. We learn to touch ourselves and others in respectful, therapeutic and sensual ways. Its refreshing to experience conscious touch again thats non-goal oriented, spontaneous, appropriate, comforting and supportive. There may also be some touch given by myself or my assistants during the class, but this will only be minimal, such as: touching you with the tip of a finger to guide you into better form. If you've a low tolerance for physical touch and/or sensuality, please tell me before the class commences so I can tailor the class to suit your needs.

Tell me more about partnering exercises.

There may be partnering in some classes. You can get more out of some yoga practices with the support of a partner. Youre welcome to buddy up with a friend (tell me in advance if you intend to do so), but if youve attended by yourself, I can't guarantee that you'll always partner with someone you like. So, whenever partnering, it’s essential to treat your partner with the utmost respect and courtesy. If you don't feel comfortable partnering, please let me know in advance and Ill arrange for you to do a practice by yourself instead. Remember, in yoga classes, we strive to be supportive, centred individuals who enjoy the practice of yoga together. The focus is on the yoga and fostering camaraderie.


If you feel uncomfortable about the level of intimacy you’re experiencing, or that someone is overstepping your boundaries, remind that person what's cool for you, and whats not; or call me over immediately and I’ll help sort out any confusion. Although sensuality is an intrinsic part of this group practice, it should be clear that this is not intended to be a blatantly sexual experience. If youre looking to hook-up in the class, this is NOT the right group for you. Better for you to talk with the other student after class and see if the person you like is also interested in getting to know you.

If partnering is of concern to you, please let me know ASAP, so I can give you an alternative exercise to do. Perhaps you could do a practice by yourself, if youre worried about getting triggered by being close to another student. Or maybe youd like to nominate the person to partner with (you might have a friend in the class).


If a partnering situation becomes unbearable due to poor hygiene, or any other reason, please notify me as discretely as possible and I’ll do my best to remedy the situation.

Having said all this, partnering is usually a fun an enjoyable experience. It enables you to safely go deeper into some yoga poses and to stay longer in those poses than you might ordinarily be able to by yourself. It also gives you the opportunity to learn how to support other people in yoga poses, which can be therapeutic for everyone involved. Partnering in yoga is also a good way to break the ice, and help you feel more relaxed with the other students in your class.


What do you mean by ‘sensuality’?

Practising yoga fosters heightened awareness of vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste. Over time, it can also open you up to developing your extra senses (ESP). In yoga, these are referred to as siddhis. Learning about and experimenting with sensuality makes you feel more in-tune with your body, more aware of the feelings in your body, and more able to respond appropriately to what youre feeling. Enhancing your sensuality helps you feel more alive. It can also remedy the feeling of numbness that some people experience from sensory deprivation: long hours on their devices playing games, social media, texting, youtube etc.

What about genders other than ‘male’?

As well as cis-men, people of all colours of the gender/sexuality rainbow 🌈 are welcome in these classes; including but not limited to: heterosexual males, queer folk, gay and bisexual men, non-binary and trans peeps etc. But I’m not allowing cis-women to join this class. There's already a lot of classes for cis-women in the Cairns area. If you’ve ever been to a standard yoga class, you’ll notice it’s predominantly cis-women who attend. They’re already well-enough catered for. I’m offering a class with a different demographic. Cis-women who wish to learn from me are welcome to attend my general yoga classes instead. MORE INFO

What if I feel uncomfortable about another yoga student's behaviour towards me?

Let me know immediately if you have any concerns about another student’s behaviour in the classes. 

How confidential are the classes? What about my privacy?

I will at all times strive to protect your privacy and confidentiality by:

  • practising in a space thats not viewable from the street

  • keeping the gate to the venue locked during classes

  • maintaining Yoga for 18-35s as a private class that screens all students before allowing participation

  • encouraging group compliance with confidentiality and anonymity by requesting verbal agreement from all students at their first class

  • not allowing walk-ins

  • never releasing any of your information, email addresses, questionnaire answers or photographs to third parties

  • never giving out any information about you to other students, including your contacts without your consent

  • keeping all enrolment records on an encrypted drive behind a firewall

  • placing your email address in the BCC field and giving you the choice to ‘opt out’ with every group email

  • never disclosing your personal details to other students.  Instead, giving you their details should they wish to make contact  outside of class, so you can decide whether to contact them or not


The use of cameras, mobile phones or any other sound or image recording devices is not permitted in class. We're building comradeship and trust within the group, and these kinds of behaviours serve to undermine that goal. Anyone in breach of this code of conduct will be asked to leave the class immediately and no refund will be given.


Before attending, please be aware that while I strive to assure total privacy, discretion and safety, I cannot 100%guarantee that this will occur. Some aspects of privacy are out of my control and in the hands of the student body; eg: it’s the responsibility of each of us to shut the gate behind us if we leave early, to protect the privacy of those who remain. All students agree not to disclose the identity other attendees to outsiders, nor discuss anything that was shared by other students with anyone else. It’s rare, but sometimes mistakes are made or we may encounter circumstances beyond our control. Attendance is always at your own risk (albeit a low one).

I’m a yoga teacher, could I help out?

I am always looking for instructors. I’m happy to consider all styles of yoga. Experience is required as is professional certification. Assistants attend for free and are usually chosen from among students who attend regularly. I like to get to know you first! If you'd like to teach or assist, please email me at


What if I change my details?

If you change your email address, please ensure that you notify me via email so I can keep your details up-to-date. Please be sure my email address is on your ‘safe list’ or in your address book so mail from me does not wind up in your junk/spam folder.


I filled out the questionnaire but I have not been approved.

In almost all cases, this occurs because you didn’t put on your ‘safe list’ or in your address book. Please check your spam folder for an email containing your approval. If you’ve waited more than a week for a response from me please send me a reminder email. It’s rare, but sometimes emails slip past me.


What if I come late and get locked out of the space?

In order to protect student privacy and comfort, I’ll lock the gate at the start of class. To avoid disappointment, please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early each time you attend class (that’s by 5.15pm). Allow plenty of extra time for traffic and parking. If you’re running late on the day of your class, please call/text me on 0419 694 991 no later than 5.20pm. If possible I'll arrange to let you in, providing you’re only a few minutes late. After 5.30pm the gate will be locked, and my mobile phone will be turned to silent. Please try your best to be on time. The other students will be relaxing at the start of each class and late-comers are a disturbance to the rest of the group.

What if I have a question not listed in the FAQ?

While most questions are covered in the FAQ, I will endeavour to answer your questions via email , text or phone. Please be patient while waiting for a response.


What if I have feedback for you?

If you have suggestions for improvement or problems in the classes, please let me know either in person or by email at Please make all feedback constructive by offering a possible solution to the problem you perceive. I'll do my best to address your concerns as quickly as possible. I also enjoy hearing positive feedback.