Sensual Therapy is a style of bodywork I’ve developed by combining elements of Hawaiian, Body Electric and Tantric massage. It’s said “the mind is our biggest sex organ”. Pop that into any search engine and see what comes up! Sensual Therapy can certainly take you on a journey into your mental desires. 


Given it’s very intimate, consent is paramount. Before anyone touches anyone, we discuss in detail what the session will involve. You’ll be given an opportunity to outline any ‘no-go’ areas, and request special things you’d like to experience, e.g., some people prefer heavy or light touch. Some don’t like their feet being included, while others request a focus on the feet! (I have Reflexology training.)

Mutual consent is sought at every stage of the process, so each is comfortable with what’s happening. At any point, boundaries can be renegotiated as per your needs, so you can relax into the

process, feeling confident nothing untoward will occur.

I’ll be clear in the ways I’m comfortable for you to touch me too.


Nudity is optional. You can choose to undress to your level of comfort, from keeping your underwear on to removing some, or

all of it. I’m generally fine with being nude myself, or undressing to whatever level you desire.


Picture yourself lying butt naked on the massage table. Low lights. Soft music of your choice. An aromatherapy essential oil blend of your own choosing. And my forearms, hands, knees, chest and other body parts, taking you on a sensual journey

through your body.

We’ll explore deep touch with thumbs and elbows, firm strokes of my hands over your body, and superlight tracing with the hairier parts of my body, all over your skin. At times you’ll feel my breath on your body; sometimes warming, other times cooling. I’ll move your limbs at the joints and stretch the attached muscles to release deep-held tensions. You’ll be completely satisfied with how thorough this approach is, as it satiates your desires for all sorts of different touch, in all sorts of places! If you’re cool with it, even your genitals can be included in the experience.

I’m generally happy to allow you to touch me too, if it adds to your experience of connection and arousal.


Whilst Sensual Therapy isn't a sexual experience, in that there’s no penetration of any sort, it’s often a sexy experience where you can enjoy your natural responses in a completely accepting and safe space, without judgement or shame.

We live in a world that continually puts pressure on us and the “acceptable” ways we can enjoy our sensuality and eroticism, with a lot of emphasis on the genitals and their “performance”. In addition, many have learned to stifle any noise their bodies want to make to express pleasure, and few know how to ask for what they want to experience sensually.

Be free of all that stuff, and simply allow your body to respond in a way that’s most appropriate at the time. Be as expressive as you like, as you go through your phases of sensation and excitement.

Bravely ask for the things you’d like to experience. I’m non- judgemental and open-minded and my scope’s wide. So, while I want say yes to anything, I do have boundaries. That said, most of the time, you’ll get what you’re wanting.

Most of my clients report feelings of deep relaxation and bliss after their sessions.


Some of us hold emotions and memories, “locked in our tissues”, connected to the erotic life we’ve lived, or yearned for, but denied ourselves. The touch of a consciously connected person, with positive intent and concern for your wellbeing, can be the key to unlocking those memories and emotions, and act as a catalyst for re-experiencing and coming to terms with

whatever’s not been fully addressed in your past.

For example, Sensual Therapy might be a way forward for a person who’s denied themselves sensual pleasure for a long time. It could be a way for a survivor of sexual abuse to work through some of the issues they’re facing; an opportunity for someone who’s always wondered what it might be like to experience the touch of a male therapist; or a way for someone to explore their

sensual desires in a safe, non-judgemental space.

In this way, Sensual Therapy can offer a doorway into your personal growth and healing, if that’s what’s needed at the time.

Of course, it can simply be a fun and enjoyable way to experience one’s sensuality. Which is very valid.


Sessions are 60 or 90 minutes (recommended) or an indulgent two hours, including shared nude showering and aromatherapy body scrub before and after the session.

I really encourage you to try this new modality I’ve created. I’m sure you’ll love receiving it as much as I love providing it.

I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about this style of therapy.

If Sensual Therapy seems too confronting at this stage, perhaps consider coming to me for one of my therapeutic styles of treatment. You can read about those here.

If you’re more into linking you sensuality with your spirituality, tantric healing, yoga and massage may be the way to go. Read about those here.


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