My interest in plants goes back to when I was a very young boy growing carrot tops and sweet potato vines in my bedroom. From there, I quickly progressed to the back garden where I enjoyed cultivating and propagating many exotic species. By the age of 12, I was sharing half the garden with my mum.


After school, I attended TAFE and completed a Horticultural Trade Certificate with a native plant farm in Perth, WA. I did very well in my studies and completed some extra units at night school as part of the Certificate of Horticulture. I managed to top the class three years in a row.


Since then, I’ve cared for numerous gardens and developed my interest in both native and exotic species. I have a special interest in creating water gardens, ferneries and organic vegetable patches. 


My skills are wide-ranging and I can competently tackle most tasks around the garden. In particular, I have a special interest in helping people solve tricky garden problems, such as identifying and treating pests and diseases, plant placement and repositioning, as well as advising on how to choose new plants and how to cultivate them.


  • Weeding

  • Mulching

  • Pruning

  • Hedging

  • Fertilising (with organic manures)

  • Pest and disease management

  • Plant placement

  • Establishing organic vegetable gardens

  • Water gardens

  • Ferneries


While I’m more than happy to undertake regular maintenance jobs, such as the tasks listed above, for larger landscaping jobs, I can refer you to some of my colleagues. I can also help you prepare your garden in readiness for selling your property.


I’m fully insured for horticultural work and until my move to Cairns in August 2020, I was a member of COGS (Canberra Organic Gardeners’ Society). These photos show some of my recent work.


Use the CONTACT FORM or call me on 0419 694 991. Free quotes (per hour or per job) are also available.